Lisa DiMona is a literary agent at Writers House, one of the largest agencies in the world. She specializes in nonfiction and has represented several national and international bestsellers.

The World's Strongest Librarian

The World's Strongest Librarian 8.16.12“A fearless and funny memoir.” The New Yorker

“A sumptuous read, as funny, erudite, and energizing as a chat with a conversational intellectual, as engrossing and moving as a medical detective drama. . . . The book leaves all of us who’ve read it feeling a little stronger and brighter ourselves.” Martha Beck, author of Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

The First 20 Hours

“A blockbuster in the making, The First 20 Hours breaks down the learning process into simple and effective steps with real-life examples that inspire. After reading this book, you’ll be ready to take on any number of skills and make progress on that big project you’ve been putting off for years.”— CHRIS GUILLEBEAU, author of The $100 Startup

The Start-Up of You

“A profound book about self-determination and self-realization. By capturing and universalizing the wisdom of successful start-up businesses, the authors provide an exciting blueprint for building a fulfilling career. Invaluable for any person who wants to be a successful entrepreneur ­ not in a particular company ­ but in the most important enterprise of all: one’s own life.” —Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark

“The Internet has fundamentally changed the architecture of business and society. This terrific book shows you how to live, learn, and thrive in a networked world.”—Joi Ito, Director, MIT Media Lab

The Icarus Deception

The safety zone has moved. Conformity no longer leads to comfort. But the good news is that creativity is scarce and more valuable than ever. So is choosing to do something unpredictable and brave: Make art. Being an artist isn’t a genetic disposition or a specific talent. It’s an attitude we can all adopt. It’s a hunger to seize new ground, make connections, and work without a map. If you do those things you’re an artist, no matter what it says on your business card.



“The brilliance of Rework is that it inspires you to rethink everything you thought you knew about strategy, customers, and getting things done. Read this provocative and instructive book—and then get busy reimagining what it means to lead, compete, and succeed.”—William C. Taylor, Founding Editor of Fast Company


About Lisa

Lisa DiMona is a literary agent with more than twenty five years of experience in book publishing. She specializes in nonfiction and has represented several national and international bestsellers.

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For forty years, Writers House has played a critical role in developing the careers of hundreds of authors. A full service agency with foreign, subrights, accounting, royalty, and contract departments, Writers Houses prides itself on the quality of individual attention and personalized service it provides to clients. Between them, the agents at Writers House represent an incredible range of bestselling and important books in many different genres. For more information, visit